Multidisciplinary approaches
to species conservation and management




Welcome to the  research laboratory of Dr. Jennifer Moore at Grand Valley State University. Our research focuses on the spatial ecology, population demographics, and conservation genetics of at-risk species. We aim to understand the factors that impact movement, functional connectivity, and population viability by focusing on research questions that can be applied directly for conservation and management. (Photo credit above: Eric McCluskey)


Welcome to our newest grad student!

Oct 6, 2022

This fall, we are lucky to have Caley Johnson join the lab! Caley will be studying spotted turtles in Michigan's northwestern Lower Peninsula. Welcome, Caley!

Welcome to our newest grad students!

Aug 30, 2021

We have three new grad students joining the lab this fall! Big welcome to Faith Kuzma, Marianne Kelso, and Emilio Mancero!

Two new papers

May 28, 2021

Former graduate student Nathan Kudla published his Master's research on spatial genetics of massasaugas in Ecology and Evolution! Also former grads Danielle Bradke and Joe Altobelli published a 'side project' (we love a good side project!) on bottleneck detection methods and their application for reptiles. Check it out!